Unique Tailor-made Cat Care Service

We recognise that no two cats are the same, we know how much each individual cat has their own likes and dislikes, and they all have their quirky routines and unique personalities. Having cat-sat for thousands of cats over the past ten years, we realised that we needed to offer something a little unique and different to other regular cat sitting services.

We are proud to specialise in offering a Tailor Made Cat Care Service that provides your cats with an individual care plan for their complete happiness at home.

Cats love their comfort and we think it’s fair to say that while you are away, most cats prefer the routine and security of their own home environment rather than a cattery. Our cat sitting service is such a wonderful alternative and it also eliminates the stress of the car journey, disliked by both cat and owner. We can provide them with not only their practical needs but also company and cat entertainment (the red dot, catnip and feathers on sticks go down a treat). Just give us a ring to discuss any particular requirements you may have and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

What Does Our Cat-Sitting Service Include?

It is vitally important that we provide the best possible care in your absence. Therefore our service begins with meeting you, and most importantly, your feline family member in your own home for a no obligation, informal chat. That way we can get to know each other and discuss your specific requirements.

Cat Care ServicePurr-fect offer you the following basic services as standard in addition to our tailor-made service plan:

  • Visits once, twice or more
  • Feeding and water changing
  • Litter scooped daily
  • Indoor plant watering
  • Lights turned on and off
  • Refuse bins put out
  • Text messages
  • Record of daily visits – includes food intake, litter usage and general comments
  • Lots of love, cuddles, playtime and TLC